Let's Stitch Up the PM Project

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The Monopoly of Parliament - Parliament
What's the craic Boris_ #letsstitchupthe
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He’s in office
B is for Boris, Bute, Brexit, Bluff, Blu

On the 24/7/19 Boris Johnson accepted the role of Prime Minister. The day before, Donald Trump had referred to him as the Britain Trump.

If you have a view or an opinion about his role as PM and want to join me in stitching a revolution, then start threading your needles.

The Template

Use any material or embellishments you wish too,  as long as the final piece doesn't exceed 12" x 12". The fabric may be relevant to the project, or it may not. It's your piece of work, so as long as it's relevant to Boris Johnson, then work away.

The Rules

The work will be used to create an overall collective piece, so you'll need to be happy to donate it to the project. Please sign your work (in stitches) with your name as I want everyone who contributes to be recognised.

Once you have completed your work use the hastag #LetsstitchupthePM when you post your work online. Then send your work to me. Please contact me via this site and I will let you have the address of where it needs to be sent to.

No matter where you are in the world, if you wish to take part please do.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Now let's start stitching the revolution and start stitching up the PM.