The Subversiver Stitcher

I have been stitching since I was a child, but I started to use it in a subversive fashion after seeing a sampler made by a female inmate of an asylum from the Victorian era.

It really affected me quite profoundly and made me think about all of those female lost voices in history, that had been disavowed and suppressed by patriarchy.


When I researched the medium further, I found many others in similar situations had also used this medium to highlight their own predicaments, using it as a platform it to raise awareness and record their experiences. I added my voice and started to do the same focusing on issues in my own life and those that concern me as a woman.


As a feminist I am aware of the importance of my voice and of all the women who never spoke. Having a voice and being heard is everything to me. Each piece has a context to raise an issue. Some have multiple meanings.


The Banknote series and being involved with the Cash is King book and show has been amazing. It also unleashed another creative template which I have used to inflected some humour coupled with a provocative pinch of seriousness to highlight an awareness of important issues.

I am currently working on a new series of integrated subversive textiles to make you think, made by me, with a needle and thread.



Fighting Talk/Shefest  2 – 15 March Chapel Walk Galley Sheffield


Dame of the Hour  6 – 22 March St James Wine Vaults Bath


Thumbnail Group Show  9 May – 23 May Nolia's Gallery London


Solo Show  19 June – 29 July 44AD Artspace Bath


50/50 Group Show  3 August – 23 August Crow's Nest Gallery London


Cash is King  30 August – 8 September The Saatchi Gallery London

BLACK Group Show 18 December - 20 December The Crypt Gallery Euston Road,


Work donated to Fivers4artists Cas


Viva Iconic Group Show May 18 - Viva Dalston 2 Stoke Newington Rd, Hackney Downs, London N16 7XN

One Love Group Show May 26 -  London 

Cash is King 2  Money Talks - Notes featured in the second publication, exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery 21 August - 8 September.

Cash is King - Mad in Margate Group Show - 18 October - 3 November 

Artgame 18 Marine Drive, Margate, Kent UK CT9 1DH

For The Love Of Money Art Exhibition - 9 November - 31 December Studio 45,  45 Marshalls Row, Brighton BN1 4JU

S.E.W International Contemporary Stitched Art Exhibition - 12 November - 17 November The Clerkenwell Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 0DP

The Foreplay Art Show -1 of 4 Female Artists Group Show 24 November - 31 December

At The Other One Gallery Art Space 1 The Cockpit, Saffron Walden, Essex
CB10 1HJ

Making you think with a needle and thread

The Subversive Stitcher

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