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I Am Woman Project

In the spring of 2022 I started a new project called the I Am Woman Project 22. The concept behind it was to create a 2D life sized woman from the experiences of other women. These would be submitted in the form of a patch. I would then construct her by sewing these pieces together. I created an account on Instagram and posted a Call Out and asked those who would like to take part to submit a piece. I also asked them to explain their reasons behind it. The result was both profound, emotional and incredibly powerful. A majority of the stories told within the submissions, had never been shared before and what soon transpired a thread of similarity in each women's experiences. From this, a foundation of support and strength began to grow. To have lived with an experiences for so many years thinking that it had only happened to you, became obsolete as almost all

women experiences some form of abuse via a sexual predator or due to physical or mental violence. These stories need to be heard so other women will no longer feel isolated by their experiences. When she is completed I would like to exhibit her in as many spaces as possible and to be able to open up further discussions regarding her importance. Here is a pictorial history of her construction so far with submissions made from and by womenall over the world.

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