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                                      The Subverted Vintage Tea Towel Series


One evening during Lockdown, whilst browsing a well known auction site, I started to search for vintage tea towels. Like many artists, I found Lockdown to be devoid of creativity. I had made a few things, but nothing had come close to reigniting it until I started looking at these pieces of domestic gold. Here was a vast untapped wealth that featured so much more than just the odd souvenir map or castle that suddenly made my creative juices start to flow again. Here were little canvases that were ripe for me to subvert. And that's how it all began. Each one of them deals with an issue that is prevalent in society. I have subverted the initial meaning of the tea towel with an overlaid statement to create a different perspective. Please click on each tea towel image for a more in depth explanation behind its creation.The collection is growing with more to be added soon. There are prints available of each one, should you wish to own your favourite. If you have any comments or interest in exhibiting the collection, please contact me.

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