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Your Subverted Tea Towel Kit

Some Subversive Stitcher Tea Towel context.

Prior to the pandemic, my art practice was going really well. I was inspired to be creative by so much via social or cultural interactions. But as the first lockdown came into force, all of this vanished and my creative mojo went with it. What was going to happen to us all? That was the question. I no longer felt creative as everything was Covid related. Were we all going to survive?

Being creative has always been a way for me to park the woes of the world and escape to another place. It helps me to make sense of life and the environment we all inhabit.

Now, we were living day by day, until life could be normal again. The entire world seemed to stop.

As the days passed, l found box sets and other things to distract me from the life we were now all lockdown in.

When my panic eroded, l found it quite comforting to mindlessly search online auction sites.

It was whilst doing this that l went down a virtual rabbit hole and started looking at vintage tea towels. I thought they were so beautiful, little domestic works of art, from a before dishwashers. So l decided to buy some with the intention of subverting them.

As a consequence of this, and as we began to live a life within the Covid bubble and beyond, l saw a sort of diary pattern forming. Initially l wanted to creatively 100, but l have surpassed that number now, and l am still going strong. They have been exhibited together as an instillation and are incredibly powerful social narrative of our time.

Creating a kit is my way of bringing a version of these subversions into your home. I have selected a few examples of those little domestic works of art from my collection for you to sew the words “I Am A Work Of Art” onto.

Your kit contains the following:

A washed Vintage Tea Towel

Pre hand cut felt letters


A needle and thread

A signature label that reads “Sewn Like A Subversive Stitcher”

And instructions

The Subverted Vintage Tea Towel Kit

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