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Cynthia Payne was a first class English eccentric and brothel keeper dubbed 'Madam Cyn’ who was jailed after holding sex parties in Streatham in exchange for 'luncheon vouchers’ “Madam Cyn” was imprisoned for 18 months for running “the biggest disorderly house” in British history after police raided her suburban home in Streatham and discovered a sex party in full swing. Detectives who raided her detached Edwardian home at 32 Ambleside Avenue in December 1978 found 53 men huddled in the hall. Most were queuing on the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, and were clutching vouchers to be redeemed for sex. In 2006 she re-launched her range of sex toys and raunchy outfits on the internet. “These days I am still in demand,” she said, “but in a different way. In my thirties I was doing it, in my forties I was organising it and now, unfortunately, I can only talk about it.” She died at the age of 82 in 2015 


Hand stitched and embellished. Framed 13cm x 18cm 1/1 original artwork.

Queen of Streatham

SKU: 00008
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